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1st Month

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You'll see bigger erection size in the first 4 weeks, because the Hard Rock formula increases capacity of the two chambers that receive and hold blood during arousal.

2nd Month

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You're getting thicker now, and your stamina's getting better by the day. And you're having more sex because your libido is firing on all cylinders – and then some.

3rd Month

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This is where you hit your stride with Hard Rock. You're a beast when this happens, typically by 3 months, with all-natural and doctor-approved formula.

4th Month

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By the fourth month you are pretty much in full control over your erections and the increase size helps as weel. Take control of your lost cravings and re-discover sex.

An all Natural Product

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Why Hashmi is trusted worldwide

Sikander-e-Azam Plus contains 7 all-natural ingredients. This blend of natural herbs makes it the most complete enhancement formula available.

SEKS capsule is guaranteed to give you an erection that is both STRONGER and HARDER.

SEKS has been in business for six years and is backed by a comprehensive Money Back Guarantee

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100% Natural Ingredients

   Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali helps increase sexual desire, sexual performance, libido, and to cure erectile dysfunction.

   Tribulus Terrestris

There are two common reasons when people start taking the supplements is to increase sexual desire and to increase muscle mass.

   Nettle Leaf

Nettle leaf increases vitality in men and is a natural testosterone booster.

6 Steps 2 A Longer Life


Maca is actually a tuber native to Peru that is known for its ability to increase stamina and libido, improved fertility and enhanced stamina.


Ginseng builds energy and general vitality. It is an adaptogen, which increases resistance to biological, physical, and chemical stress.

Tongkat Ali   

Tongkat Ali helps increase sexual desire, sexual performance, libido, and to cure erectile dysfunction.


   Every Night

   One Pill

   After Dinner


  • Get bigger, stronger erections (some users have seen 2-3 inches in growth)
  • Last MUCH longer in bed - customers report stamina increase of up to 40 x)
  • Get erections on demand, whenever you want them
  • Put a permanent end to premature ejaculation - last as long as YOU want to last
  • Massively increased stamina and sex drive - you'll be able to give her the goods whenever she's ready for it!
  • AND.. it's 100% natural - no scary drugs or ingredients with freaky side effects

Doctors Opinion:

I would recommend PXXL for every man that wants to improve the virility, increase sexual performance, stamina and sex desire, and have more self confidence and self esteem regarding their sexual life. In conclusion, I can say with certainty that PXXL is efficient, safe, and without side effects. Moreover, PXXL is approved by the medical community and many of my physician colleagues recommend it to their patients on a regular base for several years now.

Some Statistics


orders daily


satisfied customers

Every 2 out of 3

are repeat orders

90 years

since 1929

Fun Fact!

Did you know that ancient Indians had perfected the art of improving male sexual libidio by purely natural methods over 1000 years ago? Our products follow the same ancient formulas that have been passed down from generation to generation.


  • Meredith Grey

    I went over a few surveys for PXXL, and read the examples of success stories of different fellows much the same as me. I took the plunge and attempted PXXL, and stunning, what a distinction. I can't accept how much firmer and stronger my erections are - I can strive for a considerable length of time and my new better half simply adores it! inside a couple of weeks of beginning PXXL, I could as of now see a distinction in length and girth. I'm happy that I chose to try PXXL out before leaving myself to having a little penis for forever.

  • Rick Walker

    Above all else I might want to thank PXXL for giving me a chance to impart my story to every one of you. My name is Rocky and my issue before taking PXXL Capsule was being known as a "60 SECONDS MAN." I could climax in under a moment and that constantly kept me from a long-lasting relationship with any lady. Presently in the wake of taking Capsule for 2 months I have been making love the length of 40 minutes. I at last had the capacity fulfill my accomplice and I am considering proposing to her one month from now.

  • Nina Sharp

    What I truly like in your organization is that at whatever point I face any inconveniences or have a question somebody\'s dependably there to help me, be it a live visit, an email administration or a telephone help. Thank you kindly again for your speedy and detailed reactions. I can't let you know the extent to which I acknowledge having the capacity to counsel with you about these matters!

  • Simon Webb

    My sexual life was truly turning into a schedule. I had harder and more erection. I kept going long enough however I couldn't do it that sincerely strained like I used to when I considered in school. My wife and I attempt to normal sex in any event once a week. Because of PXXL Capsule that made me feel prepared when the opportunity comes and helped me keep my love life energizing and exciting.

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